Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest obtain billions of registered users that make Social Media one of the primary resources for Business Networking. This is as far as advertising is concerned one of the best ways to network with your current clients, potential clients and other businesses that could turn into profitable referral resources.

New Standard Solutions offers services that create, highlight and manage all of your social media advertising. We offer you the best strategy and technique for a attracting, building and maintaining successful and profitable networking relationships.

What We Do?

We maximize the Big 5 social media platforms to market your company to the most people possible. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and **Youtube (See below) First, we make sure all of your accounts look professional and inviting by creating amazing headers and icons. This will develop your brand and brand awareness.

We then post 3 promotional content messages, videos, specials, contests, image memes, etc every week on all of your accounts.

Lastly, we will add new targeted followers on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest every month. These will be strategic followers that will hopefully compliment your business services. An example of a good networking relationship would be if a landscaper had a painter in their network. If some of their clients needed exterior painting the landscape would be able to refer the painter in his social media group.

These actions will bring in immediate and targeted users to all of your most important social media accounts where you will turn them into loyal customers.

Our Step By Step Process

  1.  Create all of your social media accounts; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube unless you already have these accounts.
  2.  Design headers (and logo if needed) for all of your social accounts, and add brief bio, phone number and links to your site.
  3.  Create a 30 to 60 second Youtube Video about your company. Then use your best keywords for titles & descriptions.
  4.  Start posting relevant promotional content on all your accounts (3x a week). You will also have all log in info and be able to post whenever you like.
  5.  We find targeted users to follow so they will follow you back and start watching your feed.
  6.  Then finally we repeat steps 4 and 5 on a weekly basis to keep your social media humming and the new customers coming in!


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