Our Founders

New Standard Solutions was founded by two like-minded friends, Javier and Renee, who both have a passion for marketing and entrepreneurship. They founded New Standard Solutions with the goal of providing small businesses a chance to complete with large businesses on Google. After years of watching large corporations dominate Google page 1 for search results, they quickly realized they needed to find a way to help small business not only rank on page 1 of Google but beat the large businesses by ranking to position #1. They developed the “divide and dominate” strategy that has proven to be successful for hundreds of small businesses over the past 10 years. Both Javier and Renee strive to drive more website traffic and leads for each and every client. Due to these stellar results, as the competition for SEO companies continues to grow and change around them, they continue to grow and stay true to their key goal which is to help each and every client get better ranking on Google.

Our Mission

Internet marketing is the best way to reach your targeted customers and to increase your sales and profits. Website designing and development are two important aspects. Understanding this, we aim for the betterment of our clients website so they can convert as much business possible.

Our SEO mission, we aspire and work hard so each of our clients improves their online presence. Whether it is with search engines or on social media; they should be in front of as many potential clients as possible. Every clients business will be capable to attract new customers and build a solid brand online. To make this possible, we provide the following services:

  • Custom website design
  • Improving search engine rankings
  • Converting traffic into customers
  • Integrating marketing campaigns
  • Optimizing social media presence
  • Enabling our clients to control 100% of their online brand messaging

Our Values

Internet marketing always faces a tough competition. With so many companies and businesses fighting with each other, getting a higher rank on the search engines is a tough job. For this, a business needs to follow a strategic approach with an experienced, reliable and responsible SEO Company. New Standard Solutions provides an ideal helping hand for every small business. We understand search engine optimization is the most competent and successful marketing strategy to create a top positioned online presence, we focus on the “bigger picture” of your business.

  • Our associates have years of experience with online marketing. We understand your industry and its requirements.
  • Develop a winning strategy to achieve business goals and maximizes ROI.
  • One size does not fit all. We follow custom-made campaigns for each client to meet individual needs.
  • We adapt ourselves as per your requirement so that we could stay in the front of the curve in an ever-changing industry.
  • To achieve success in all our works, we strictly follow integrity to direct all our core values together.



It took several weeks be was so worth the wait. Everything looks just as I wanted. They were happy to make numerous changes and edits as it went. Highly recommend
Lala H

New Standard Solutions has built me a quality website in a timely manner at a more than reasonable price. In addition he continues to stay in contact with me taking pride in his work.
Joe G

The New Standard Solutions computer business advanced our modest Insurance School enterprise to a point of profitability at a very reasonable price. Other WEB page enterprises offered to do what Javier did at significantly higher cost. The one most important points I wish to make is that he did what he said he could & would do at a price we could afford. If any one wants a further comment our WEB address HARRY SMULSON Phone # 209 521-0874
Harry S.